The 4th International Conference on Physics and Engineering Mathematics (ICPEM2023)
Technical Program Committee (TPC)

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Conference Chairs

Prof.H. Eugene Stanley, Department of Physics, Boston University, USA

Prof.Vesna Zeljkovic, Department of Chemistry and Physics, Lincoln University, USA

Prof.Javad A. Esfahani, Ferdowsi Univ. of Mashhad, Iran

Prof.Thomas F. George, University of Missouri, USA


Prof.Osman Adiguzel, Department of Physics, Firat University,TURKEY

Prof.Yanmin Duan, College of Mathematics and Physics, Wenzhou University, China

Assoc.Prof.CHEE-KEONG TAN, Clarkson University, USA

Assoc.Prof.Mashallah Rezakazemi, Shahrood University of Technology, Iran

Technical Program Committee

Prof.Mingxing Luo, Southwest Jiaotong University, Sichuan, China

Dr.Song Lan, Chongqing Jiaotong University, China

Dr.Chengning Wang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

Prof.Yuliang Mao, School of Physics and Optoelectronics, Xiangtan University, China

Dr.Qiwei Wang, Harbin Institute of Technology(HIT), China

Dr.Pengfei Cui, Shanghai Huawei Technology Co., Ltd, China

Dr.Hua Ma, Department of Basic Science, Air Force University of Engineering, China

Assoc. Prof. Bo Yi, University of Electronic Science and Technology, China

Dr.Yonggang Guo, Lanzhou Institute of Physics, CAST, China

Assoc.Prof.Arun Kumar Singh, Department of Pure & Applied Physics, Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, India

Assoc.Prof.Md. Kamrul Alam Khan, Department of Physics, Jagannath University, Bangladesh

Prof.Tao Zhou, South China Normal University,  China

Prof.Javad A. Esfahani, Ferdowsi Univ. of Mashhad, Iran

Assoc.Prof.Yushi Liu, Harbin Institute of Technology,  China

Assoc.Prof.Salih Abbas Habeeb, University of Babylon, Iraq

Assoc.Prof.Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra, Government College of Engineering, Thailand

Assoc.Prof.Anukorn Phuruangrat, Department of Materials Sccience and Technology, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand

Prof.Hari Mohan Srivastava, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Victoria, Canada

Prof.Wei I Lee, Department of Physics, National Chiao Tung University, China

Prof.Hesam Kamyab, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

Dr.Habil. Corneliu Doroftei, Department of Physics, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania

Prof.ATABEK ATAMURATOV, Department of Physics, Urgench State University, Uzbekistan

Prof.Alaa M. Rashad, Building Materials Research and Quality Control Institute, Egypt

Prof.Yanhu Zhang, Jiangsu University, China

Dr.Sadegh Yousefi, Khur Potash Compelex, Iran

Assoc.Prof.Fangjian Xing, Department of Physics science, Nanjing Normal University, China

Dr.Omar Mhaidi Dawood, Department of Physics, University of Anbar, Iraq

Assoc.Prof.Hendrik Heinz, University of Colorado Boulder, USA

Prof.Yu-Sheng Lin,Nano micron electromechanical system engineering, Sun Yat-sen University, China

Assoc.Prof.SHEHLA HONEY, Department of Physics, University of Okara,  Okara

Prof.Liuyang Zhang, mechanics of material, optomechanics, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

Prof.Rakhimov Nematjon, optical, Ufa State Oil Technical University, Russia

Prof.Thomas F. George, chemistry and physics, University of Missouri, USA

Assoc.Prof.Abdul Manan, Department of PhysicsUniversity of Science and Technology Bannu, Pakistan

Dr.Ebrahim Hasani, Department of Physics, Azad Islamic University, Iran

Prof.Jianjun Ma, Information and Electronics, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Assoc.Prof.Ossama Abdelkhalik, Iowa State University, USA

Assoc.Prof.CHEE-KEONG TAN, Semiconductor Materials and Quantum Structure Engineering, Clarkson University, USA

Dr.Victor A. Krivenkov, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Russian

Prof.Maysoon Faisal Ahmed Alias, Department of Physics, University of Baghdad, Iraq

Assoc.Prof.R. SIDDHESWARAN, Pachaiyappa’s College, India

Assoc.Prof.Yujie Chi, University of Texas, USA

Assi.Prof.Ghasemi Foad, University of Kurdistan, Iran

More members will be updated soon.

Important Dates

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First Round Submission

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July 3rd, 2023

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